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The Put-Outs Sing the Hits, released 1999
1. Off Key
2. Longbranch Fadeaway
3. Gladly
4. Loyal to Mistakes
5. Ultra-Wrong
6. To Wind Up Below
7. Lupari (Don't Look Away)
8. Hampden Soliloquy
9. Pretty When
10. Somewhere South of Me
11. A Whore Like All the Rest
12. See You Through

The Sky is Falling, 7" single
A: The Sky is Falling
B: Starlet (Annie)

Bawdamoor, compilation released 1998
contributed songs:
- Fall on You
- Punchline
- See Through You

3 Minute Revolution, compilation released 1996
contributed song:
- Junior High Girl Drunk

Listener Supported, compilation
contributed song:
- Metro

Settling the DC Score, compilation
contributed song:
- The Sky is Falling

Pop Till You Drop, compilation
contributed song:
- Ultra-Wrong