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update! the new album is tentatively titled "No Longer Fond Honey Blonde" which is fun to say and i like it, so let's hope it sticks.

also, if you would like to sign up for the put-outs mailing list to be notified about any news or when the site is updated, send an email to putoutsrawk@hotmail.com and i'll add your email address!


new stuff! check out all the photos on the media page, taken at various shows and during the recording of the album. that should keep you amused for a while.

no info yet on when the record will be released or any tour dates yet, but once i have the information i will be posting it.


The Put-Outs have completed their second album, produced by Don Coffey Jr. and the band themselves, and are currently in the process of finding a label to release the album. Hopes are for a fall release date, along with a supporting tour. Keep checking back for more info.

Speaking of the new album, check out the mp3s from the EP that was sold at the summer shows the band played. The songs will be on the album in some form or another.

On a side note, I apologize for all the banners and stuff all over the site. We're hosting it temporarily on tripod until we can find some better place to keep the site.



none yet!